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Rodney Aphasia Group is a non-profit community organisation, available to people of any age with any type of aphasia, their caregivers and family members.

Our group was established in 2006 by four people with aphasia, three of whom had suffered a stroke and one was a retired Speech Language Therapist.  Membership started with eight people and today has around 60 members. Guests and new members are welcome at any time.

Rodney Aphasia Group became an incorporated society in 2009 and since that time has been organised by an elected Committee. The purpose of the group is to provide support to people with aphasia, and their carers’.

About Us

Our Members are made up of people with aphasia resulting from stroke, or head injury and people with progressive conditions that also includes aphasia.

Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every month at Rotary House, 2 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale. Meetings start at 1.30pm until around 3.00pm and include afternoon tea and regular guest speakers. Meetings are sociable, fun, informative and educational and provide people with the opportunity to meet others who are going through a similar experience.

Membership is $15 for an Individual, $20 for a Couple and includes the person with aphasia’s key carer. Membership includes attendance to monthly support meetings, resources about aphasia from the members library, guest speakers, monthly newsletters, information about other community groups, attendance to therapy programmes sponsored by The Hugh Green Foundation.

Our monthly support meetings aim to increase confidence for the person with aphasia and their caregivers, when communicating, and to provide helpful strategies for dealing with the day to day challenges of living with aphasia.

Thanks to The Hugh Green Foundation our group has been able to offer specialised courses for the last 12 years. In addition the following sponsors have supported our group and enabled us to operate: Laurie Parker Trust, Community Organisation Grant Scheme, Foundation North, Auckland City Council and Lotteries Community.


Sharat has emerged confident to communicate with others

“When I read that a new website was going up for the Rodney Aphasia Group I needed to write and let the Group know how wonderful it is. A surge of gratitude and affection went through me, towards the Commitee and its members, for all that they have done and stand for in their committment to the members.

It is probably a good couple of years since my son Sharat, Joseph and I have been members of this organisation. It has been such a wonderful experience where Sharat felt wholly accepted despite his drawbacks. He felt so comfortable that he took part in all the workshops the group continuously offers the members.

Sharat improved a lot, thanks to the Speech Workshops, Brain Gym sessions, Music and Art Therapies and relevant talks by professionals…not to forget the lovely singing and celebrations at Christmas time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to attend the meetings now owing to new challenges we face at home. The group is so generous that Sharat can still avail of opportunities offered closer to home.

It is in having attended the Rodney Aphasia Group meetings that Sharat has emerged confident to communicate with others despite his having Global Aphasia. It is the loving and unconditional acceptance of its members that not only welcomed Sharat, but also us his parents Joseph and  Miriam, who were at the time new to New Zealand.

A big thank you to each one of you, who in one way or the other have reached out to us and have made Rodney Aphasia Group an exceptional group. May your tribe increase!

Miriam Walter