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Aphasia NZ Charitable Trust

The Aphasia New Zealand (AphasiaNZ) Charitable Trust is a national organisation and registered charity, providing support services, resources, education, information and advocacy for anyone in New Zealander living with aphasia.

Our aim is to assist people with aphasia, their families, extended whanau, and the wider community to communicate effectively and reduce the barriers faced by people with aphasia.

We offer a range of resources, information, and education and training programs which can be tailored to your need.

Contact details for NZ Community Aphasia Advisors:

Massey University Speech Language Therapy Clinic

The Speech Language Therapy Clinic at Massey University’s Auckland campus in Albany provides services for a variety of communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Student clinicians assess and treat clients under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced clinical staff.

Current evidence-based clinical practice underpins assessment and treatment of communication associated with:
disorders or developmental delays in children’s speech and language
stroke, hearing loss, head injury, physical disability, Parkinson’s disease, dementia or other neurological problems, fluency or stuttering difficulties, voice problems
and swallowing difficulties.

Contact:  09 414 0800 ext 43787   Email:

Speech Therapy Associates

Speech Therapy & Associates is a private practice that offers a wide range of speech language therapy services for adults and children. We offer clinic-based intervention as well as community visits within Auckland and Hibiscus Coast/Rodney up to Warkworth.

At Speech Therapy & Associates we provide a wide spectrum of speech and language therapy services to all ages, in a friendly and professional environment.

We are committed to helping individuals achieve success in their participation and interaction in different contexts by improving their communication skills. This might include adults who have had a stroke or brain injury, individuals with voice problems, children with autism, children with speech or language delays, individuals with social communication difficulties as a result of Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Semantic – Pragmatic Disorder.

We also offer accent modification interventions.

Contact: 09 466 3765 or 0274 484 3317  Email:

Stroke Foundation

We support and assist you and your family after a stroke, and help all New Zealanders keep safe from stroke.

Northern Regional Office: 09 475 0070

Southern Regional Office: 03 381 8500

Community Stroke Advisors are available throughout most of New Zealand to work with stroke survivors, their family, whānau and carers. Their role ensures people achieve the best possible outcome after stroke. This service is free.

To find a Community Stroke Advisor in your region and for details about Stroke Clubs please visit

Speech Language Therapy

Working as part of a multidisciplinary team, community speech-language therapists provide assessment and intervention for patients with communication and or swallowing difficulties. Interventions are patient centred and are aimed at working towards patient and carer / whanau needs and goals.
Interventions include:

Providing swallowing and communication assessment, and advice.
Rehabilitation programmes aimed at achieving their desired level of independence, social participation and wellbeing within their environment.

Supporting patients in finding ways to compensate for and adapt to their changing communication and swallowing status associated with their medical condition e.g. progressive neurological disorders.

Community speech-language therapists will visit people in their homes, private hospital, rest home or in a community clinic.

Contact: 09 486 8945 ext 43222 or Referrals: 09 486 8997

Volunteer Stroke Scheme

Volunteer Stroke Scheme (VSS), is an Auckland-wide service that supports people in using, maintaining and enhancing their communication after a stroke.

The service provides volunteers who are trained as “conversation partners” and who use ‘Total Communication Strategies’ to give people opportunities to participate in effective communication and social interaction.

This interaction takes place in a one-to-one or conversation group setting.
People referred remain under the oversight of a speech language therapist for the duration of their time with the Volunteer Stroke Scheme.

Contact: 09 441 8959 ext 43012

To Download Volunteer Stroke Scheme Brochure

NZ Speech-language Therapists Association

The New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association is the national professional body of Speech-language Therapists in New Zealand.

We are the association for our members. We are over 700 Speech-language Therapists. We are committed to giving all New Zealanders their life essentials – effective communication and safe swallowing. With these life essentials comes well-being. We believe in the well-being of Aotearoa now and in the future.

Contact: 09 475 0214   Email: